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        OPEN SESSION of the Cornell - CAU Joint Course "Agriculture, Food and the Environment" No.1, 2022

        發布單位:人發學院發布日期:2022-09-05 瀏覽次數:


        主 題:種植制度如何適應與緩解氣候變化

        TOPIC: Cropping Systems Management with Attention to Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation


        SPEAKER:Andrew McDonald, Associate Professor in the Department of Global Development at Cornell University, USA

        語 言:英文

        時 間:2022年9月7日(星期三)20:00-21:40,北京時間

        地  點:愛游戲體育官方入口西校區 人文與發展學院CIAD報告廳

        Zoom ID:872 0264 0057 密 碼:0907


        LANGUAGE: English

        TIME: Beijing 20:00-21:40, Wednesday, September 7, 2022

        VENUE: The Auditorium at CIAD, China Agricultural University (West Campus)

        Zoom ID: 872 0264 0057   CODE: 0907

        CONTACT: Zhang Sen, email: afe2022@foxmail.com



        Andrew McDonald

        Associate Professor in the Department of Global Development at Cornell University, USA. He is a cropping systems ecologist who addresses global challenges to agricultural sustainability and food security through process-based agronomy, integrated systems analysis, development of decision frameworks, and by fostering alliances for technology scaling. Andrew’s research interests include cropping systems ecology, agricultural sustainability and international agriculture, policy and applied social sciences. Much of Andrew’s current research program is anchored in South Asia where he previously led CIMMYT’s sustainable intensification program.

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